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Stuck in a low-paying job? That shouldn’t make you feel left out. Come on, try out our Essential Series. As the name goes, this film is high on features but low on cost. Value-for-money, period. It is based on the Clear reflective and IR film technology, complies with government’s visibility norms, has a three-year warranty, damn effective heat rejection, comes in three shades of Pearl Silver, blue and the old Classic Charcoal, offers safety huff huff huff. It is an ideal series for those who wish to get high on features but low on budget. For those who are still skeptical to move up the series ladder, you may make a humble beginning from the Essential series and let it make you addicted to our products.

Performance Properties Order Code Visible Light Transmission Visible Light Reflection Ultra Violet Rejection Infra Red Rejection Total SolarHeat Rejection Notes
Pearl Silver ES-01 70% 8% 99% 45% 38% Best suited for the front/rear windscreen and side glasses
Paradise Blue ES-02 63% 8% 99% 45%

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