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Air-conditioning Consultants | Professionals

Ecodrive Films have worked with air-conditioning professionals through many years - assisting them in offering energy efficient indoor cooling and heating solutions with our practical window tinting solutions. From consultation to the planning process to the actual installation, our service professionals are there to assist at every step.

In countries like India, that require around the year air-conditioning the cost of cooling condenses to almost 70% of the total energy cost of a commercial building. Ecodrive sun control window films offer an unparalleled solution for reducing heat transmission as well initial cooling equipment investment. Window films are a no-frills alternative that will make your house or office energy-efficient by reducing your carbon footprint as well as help you save on your electricity bill.

Key Benefits:

  • Increase the energy efficiency of the building by reducing air-conditioning load 
  • Keep carbon footprint under check and earn higher green ratings
  • Glare-free natural light and heat reduction that maintains optimal indoors temperature
  • Evens out hot spots by maintaining cooling
  • Hassle free one-time installation that is durable 

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