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Protect you, your family and
your most prized possessions

Enhance appearance

Enjoy upto 31% Of Energy Savings

For Automotive

You love your car for many reasons – from the styling details, driving experience and the comfort and security you feel behind the wheel. And with Ecodrive automotive film you can add another – a more confident ride that comes from knowing you and your family are protected from the sun’s harmful UV rays, heat and glare and that your window tint was installed by a professional dealer.  

Engineered to deliver a higher standard of performance, Ecodrive window film is known for its quality, color stability and durable scratch-resistant coating. It is also known for its non-metallized ceramic windo


w tints that maximize heat and UV rejection without interfering with your keyless entry, radar detector, mobile phone, and other radio frequency technology you rely on in your vehicle. We stand behind our products with a warranty of upto 10 years. 




1.Decrease Heat

Today's window film can provide up to 82% solar energy rejection versus untreated glass. By controlling hot spots and overall unwanted interior heat from the sun, window film helps create a more comfortable living or driving experience while reducing cooling costs.

2.Reduce Fading

Window film blocks up to 99%* of UV rays while also significantly reducing heat. Reducing these two primary causes of fading helps to protect your valuable home or office furnishings or vehicle's interior.

*Our clear safety and security films block 98% or more of UV rays.

3.Skin Protection

By stopping virtually all the UV rays, window film provides an effective "sunscreen" for your skin against the harmful effects of the sun like skin cancer and permanent vision impairment.

4.Cut Annoying Glare

Whatever the cause—direct sun, headlights, or reflection from snow, water, or surrounding buildings—glare is not only annoying but can also be dangerous if it blinds your vision. Like sunglasses, window film does an excellent job of cutting glare.

5.Enjoy Energy Savings

Solar control films can significantly reduce air conditioning usage. This will extend the life of A/C systems and reduce energy costs...including improved gas mileage for your vehicle.

6.Increase Safety & Security

Accidents, forces of nature and human threats can instantly turn a pane of glass into dangerous shards. Thicker protective safety films are available to provide an extra level of protection in case of breakage and increased security for your possessions against smash-and-grab robberies.

7. Enhance Appearance

Whether it's a contemporary look or a uniform design that is desired, there's a variety of window film options that can aesthetically enhance the exterior of your home, office or automobile. From virtually invisible films to darker colors, there's a range of shades to give you the look you want.

8.Fast & Easy

Professional installation is quick and simple. There is minimal disruption to your daily lifestyle or work schedule.

9. Warranty

10. Permanent yet Flexible 

Our glass film solutions are backed by a warranty of up to 15 years giving you the peace of mind of creating durable and permanent solutions. In the lifetime of any building space, whether it be home or place of work changes to the original plan are inevitable. Hence, our solutions give you the scope to easily remove our products easily, quietly without disturbing the operations of the building and install them quickly without any hassle.

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