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Shoppers stop, one of the leading retail stores, has a uniform design of their stores; the designers opted for a modern look allowing lots of natural light entering the stores. It had a recognizable, attractive outside and created a pleasant environment for customers and staff alike. But the excessive glass façade also caused problems, Excessive heat and glare made working conditions uncomfortable, in particular in the areas near the glass and also excessive exposure of UV from the sunlight made all the display apparels to fade quickly.


Shoppers selected the maintenance Department selected Ecodrive’s Eco vision series window film because of its combined benefits of heat control, high visible light transmission and UV protection. With a nearly clear tint, Eco vision is hardly noticeable but still rejects 60% of solar energy and blocks more than 99% of damaging ultraviolet rays.


With Eco vision, the working conditions inside shoppers stop stores improved considerably. Customers and staff were protected from excessive heat and glare. The inside climate conditions became very comfortable as the film managed to reduce temperatures and an architectural re-design was avoided. The nearly clear tint of Eco vision improved the look of the stores and achieved a desired uniformity across 7 branches.

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